3 Lessons You Can Only Learn the Hard Way

At Sparta Consulting Group (Hollywood, FL) we vehemently believe that in order to learn and grow as a professional, you need to make mistakes. While there is much that can be learned from reading books and listening to your mentors, certain lessons don’t quite hit home until you’ve experienced something first-hand.

Successful people make a conscious effort to learn from their mistakes. They use obstacles as opportunities instead of reasons to give up—this creates experience. By doing this, successful people learn ‘what not to do’ or ‘what to do better next time’ rather than saying ‘I can never recover from this.’

You can’t get become experienced if you’re only traveling on Easy Street. Sparta Consulting Group is here with 3 lessons you can only learn the hard way.

1. Commitment

Unfortunately, many people don’t learn the value of commitment until they are looking back on “what could have been.” Staying committed to a goal or dream is not easy. There will be numerous times that’ you’ll want to call it quits and drop everything. However, successful people choose to endure the pain of discipline, rather than the pain of permanent regret. As they say, pick your poison!


2. Learning to say ‘no’

On one hand, it’s great to have a ‘yes’ mentality — it’s great if you’re a person who goes the extra mile and is willing to help others. However, if you have ever overextended yourself and took on more work than you could handle, hopefully you’ve realized the importance of learning how to say ‘no.’ Stretching yourself too thin prohibits your ability to fulfill commitments you’ve already made. Don’t be afraid to respectfully decline a request if you need to.


3. Never making emotional decisions

Most human beings have learned the hard way that one of the absolute times to make a crucial decision is when you are emotionally charged. Many times, our feelings are short-lived. As intensely as we can feel one emotion in one moment, we might feel the exact opposite emotion after getting some space from a situation. Making permanent decisions based upon temporary emotions is a clear recipe for regret.


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