5 Things to Do on Sunday for a More Productive Work Week

SPARTA-CONSULTING-GROUP-SUNDAY At Sparta Consulting Group, we’re all about setting ourselves up for future success. An important part of that process is the preparation each person chooses to do on his or her own time. (This is the mark of a total stud, by the way!) The more we prepare for each week, the smoother it is. By controlling for as many variables as possible, we have a far easier time handling the unexpected things that come our way.

Here are five useful things you can do during the weekend to ensure a more productive week!


1. Do your laundry!

It may seem simple, but to be successful, you need to look the part. Spend some time on Sunday cleaning and ironing your best clothing and setting it out for the week. When you’re prepared, dressing sharp will be easy and take a lot of stress out of your mornings.


2. Review your upcoming week

Maybe this week you have a major presentation, or maybe you’re spearheading a huge new project. Perhaps you’re gearing up for a promotion and need to meet with your mentors to learn how to excel in the role. No matter what’s in store for you, it is important to sit down and plan the week ahead. Plan your “big rocks”, your essential activities, first. Then fill in the rest of your time blocks with everything else you need to take care of that week. A well-coordinated schedule will drastically improve the productivity of your work week.


3. Make note of major financial events

Just like scheduling your work week and your personal time, it’s important to keep your keep your finances in mind as well. Mark down on your calendar when bills are due, and when you expect to get paid. Planning is a huge part of entrepreneurship, and keeping track of your finances will help you succeed.


4. Plan your meals

Often, a work day goes longer than expected. It can be difficult to escape the office and grab a bite to eat. Alleviate this worry by loosely planning your week in food. Make a grocery list and pick up meal materials to make your week more delicious. Do not forget to grab some office snacks to keep you full and focused throughout the day!


5. Relax and recharge

The work week can be a busy, stressful time. Saturday and Sunday are often the only days when you can run errands and complete your at-home tasks. However, it is important to slow down and refuel! Relaxation is important for a successful, focused mind. So take some “me time” and refocus your brain for the week ahead.


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